Emmaus in Haverhill needs our help to overcome a projected budet shortfall of $150,000, due to COVID-19 related expenses and lost revenues. Emmaus provides shelter and support to homeless families and adults. On any given night 300 different people of all ages call Emmaus “home.” More than 80,000 meals will be served to shelter residents, and many housing residents and program participants receive emergency food from Emmaus’ food pantry.
Emmaus is in desperate straits. Their shelter, Mitch’s Place, is now open 24 hours a day and the children in the family shelter no longer attend school. Their spring fundraiser is cancelled. Dedicated employees are placing themselves in harm’s way to shelter, house, and care for adults and children who have nowhere else to turn. Like every other place, Emmaus is scrambling for personal protective equipment, disinfecting supplies, and alternative housing options for those in need.
Community Human Services and Justice Action Ministry have joined forces to help Emmaus in these difficult times. We reached out to them and they asked us for 3 things:
  • Most importantly, donations of money to help them provide for the people in their care
  • Market Basket gift cards
  • Individually wrapped packaged treats and juice boxes
These are challenging times for everyone, but especially for people who do not have a home. Please help Emmaus serve and protect the homeless. Members of CHS and JAM will be at outside the entrance to the Lower Meeting Hall on Wednesday, May 27 from 10am-noon (note extended time), and Thursday, May 28, from 1-3pm collecting donations. If you are unable to get to the church, you can email Annie, anniemaurer174@gmail.com, to arrange for your donation to be picked up on the 27th or 28th.

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