You are invited – join the Annual Campaign team as we work together to support our community. Looking to pledge?  Visit  The framework is in place and we are ready for you to join in for a successful campaign. Most activity will be in March. This is a good role if you have been looking for a short-term way to be involved. This is a great way to connect, too, if you are new to our community as a member or friend.

The roles available are many – Able to make a video or two? Interested in managing a thank-you board? Attracted to the role of a visiting steward? Available to tend to a table during evenings or office hours? Available on Sundays in March to answer questions after church? Simply happy to stuff envelopes and prepare campaign materials? Interested in developing a photo essay? Enjoy providing refreshments for campaign orientation programs? Do you have a unique talent or idea of your own? Want to manage a celebration carnival at the conclusion of the campaign? Enjoy making posters?

To explore further or sign on, please contact Susan Ricker at or 978 618-8389.  Or drop in at church for Coffee, Bagels and Donuts on Friday (2/8), 8:30-10am or on Sunday (2/10), 9-10:15am to discuss a role or share your ideas. Campaign team members will also be available in the vestibule after church on the February 10th. We hope you will join us.

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