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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

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Dear members and friends, 

Every year we are asked to make or renew our commitment to this beloved church. Being a part of a spiritual community is a bold act. It requires us to uphold tradition and create the future we desire. This is a journey that requires all of our dreams, support, and engagement. As Unitarian Universalists, this is OUR congregation. We govern ourselves and are fueled by our shared values and passions of courage, love, and justice for all. We are resolute bearers of hope, walking humbly and bravely together day by day. 

Stewardship of this church takes many forms, among them our time, our talent, our treasure, and any combination of the three. We create our community and show our commitment by listening to each other, participating where we can, and conveying what we learn together into the rest of our lives. We give what we can; we receive in abundance. 

You need not be a member to pledge. We rely on the financial support of our friends and supporters. No one is pressured to give more than is comfortable. Every gift of every type matters and is deeply appreciated. We raise the money we need each year to run our church – to pay our staff, care for our buildings, offer programs for all ages, and engage in issues of social justice. More than 70% of our annual budget comes from annual campaign pledges. Your generosity allows the Parish Board to be confident in funding our shared dreams. This year our goal is to raise $493,000 through 100% participation from all who call FRS their spiritual home. 

Please join me on this journey of commitment. 

Your fellow steward in love, gratitude, and faith, 

Reverend Rebecca 

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