The primary mission of the Stewardship Committee is to invite and inspire members and supporters of the congregation to join in fellowship to generously invest gifts of time, talents, and treasure within our congregation and the UU faith.

There are many ways to give to the First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist.

Annual Giving Campaign

What is a pledge? A pledge is naming the amount you believe you’ll give the church in the next fiscal year. You do this by taking into account your connection to the church, your present financial situation, and your sense of what your next year will bring your way.

The church asks all members and supporters to offer a pledge each year. Pledges are needed to give the church an assurance that gifts being planned will support budgeted salaries, benefits, and other expenses for the coming year, as required by church policy. Please participate.

To learn about our 2023–2024 Annual Giving Campaign, click here.

Legacy Circle

To strengthen its financial foundation and ensure that FRS will be able to serve future generations in the Newburyport region and throughout the world, members and supporters of FRS are invited to include the Society in their estate plans.

The FRS Legacy Circle consists of members and supporters who have shared lifetime gift plans with the church. Joining the Legacy Circle does not require a large estate, and it may be confidential. Many members have modest estates. Every commitment helps to strengthen FRS for generations to come. And each new Legacy Circle member inspires others to join.

There are several easy ways to join, and you do not need a lawyer. For example, many of us have made FRS one of the beneficiaries of an IRA, a Donor Advised Fund, a life insurance policy, a Certificate of Deposit, or even a bank account. Others have included FRS in their wills or trusts.

If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact Lark Madden,, Annie Madden,, Vern Ellis,, or Rev. Rebecca,


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