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Note: Due to COVID-19, Sunday services are being held online  – our buildings remain closed.  See the home page for details.  A coffee hour on Zoom follows the service.

Join us for services at 10:30am on Sundays, from the Sunday after Labor Day through Father’s Day. Experience elements of the world religions, including our Christian roots and humanism. Find inspiration in choral and instrumental music (including organ), congregational singing, a time for children, readings, an offering, and meditative silence. Hear a sermon on social justice, spirituality, dealing with life’s challenges, or other issues. The children’s choirs may sing. We may celebrate a holiday, act out a skit, hold a coming-of-age ceremony, or hear a member’s Journeys of Faith. Services end around 11:30am and are usually followed by Coffee Hour. 

For a relaxed service with music from the jazz tradition, come to a Jazz Vespers. Our Christmas Eve service and Christmas Candlelight service are community traditions.


Watch some recent sermons from Reverend Rebecca:


In Each Other’s Hands

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Thank you, Alex.   My remarks this morning are entitled “In ... read more

“Values, Mission and Ends. Oh My!” 

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Thank you, Julie, and thank all of you who participated in ... read more

How Will I Know: The Art of Discernment 

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan The text message came through as I walked out the door of our ... read more

Neurodiversity and Self-Compassion

  By Rev. Helen Murgida, Ed.D.    Welcome! This morning I will share my stories of working read more

Perfect in Our Brokenness

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan ​“We all love you, that’s not the problem. Now you just have ... read more

There is More to the Story

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Tomorrow is the thirty-fourth year that we have honored the ... read more

Dialoguing across Differences: Is It Possible?

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan Is dialogue across differences possible, in today’s political ... read more

“UUs Don’t Believe Anything” and Other Misperceptions

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan “UUs Don’t Believe Anything” and Other Misperceptions I’m ... read more


  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan “God is not inevitable.” I was sitting in meditation when this read more


  By Rev. Rebecca Bryan If someone had told me that pain was a prerequisite for joy, I ... read more

Lost in Non-Translation

  Listen to Rev. Rebecca's sermon "Lost in Non-Translation" by clicking on the FRS &U ... read more

In Honor

  By Rev. Rebecca Bryan It is indeed my honor to serve as your minister. This is a ... read more

Whose Welcome?

  How welcoming can make you more deeply welcoming   By Rev. Rebecca Bryan Last June, we ... read more

From Trash to Treasure

  By Rev. Rebecca Bryan We were in the process of blending our families after remarriage, ... read more

Let’s Get Free, Guest Preacher Rev. Karlene Griffiths Sekou

  The First Religious Society welcomed quest preacher the Reverend Karlene Griffiths Sekou read more

As We Move Forward

  By Reverend Rebecca Bryan  When I began studying to be a Unitarian Universalist minister read more

The Powerful Question

  Watch the video recording of the sermon. By Reverend Rebecca Bryan  “The risk with ... read more

Finding Home – Listening

  Here we are with a sermon and service all about listening, and there is so much going on read more

The Power of Hope

  “Are you in recovery? Because it sure sounds like you are based on what you say from the read more


  By Rev. Rebecca(Transcript from a recording of Rev. Rebecca’s sermon that was delivered ... read more

The Power and the Possibility of Liminality

  By Rev. RebeccaAs I sat there, the  pain of seven days only getting worse, I knew what I read more

Just for the Fun of It

  By Rev. Rebecca(Transcript from a recording of Rev. Rebecca's sermon that was delivered ... read more

Joy: Evidence of the Divine

  (This sermon is dedicated to Linda Buddenhagen who gave me the inspiration) What is ... read more

The Iconic Steeple

  By Rev. Rebecca BryanI first experienced our beloved and majestic steeple when I was ... read more

Moving in to Root

  We invite you to listen to the Podcast recording of this Sunday's sermon.As the sermon ... read more

How Roots Can Free Us

  By Rev. Rebecca Bryan“Heave ho.” I flung another box into the large dumpster and watched read more

A Doorway to Everything

  By Rev. Rebecca Bryan This morning we come together for as many reasons as there are ... read more

A World without Other

  By Rev. Rebecca BryanMany famous and infamous things happen in a moment. We make ... read more

Centering – The Journey to Your True Self

  On April 7, friends and members of the First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist’s ... read more

Finding Integrity in Jazz

  By Tom Stites, guest speakerThe jazz great John Coltrane’s words and music reveal him to read more

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