Parish Board

The Parish Board, as a governing body, is responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of the church community, including the church, its buildings, grounds, and resources according to the Constitution and Bylaws. Its purpose is to lead the Church towards fulfillment of the congregation’s stated mission

Parish Board members are elected to serve as officers by the membership at the Annual Meeting and they meet monthly during the church year. These elected officers, along with the Treasurer, the Parish Clerk, the Finance Committee chair, and the Governance chair comprise the full board, with the Minister and Business Administrator serving as ex-officio members. Together they practice a policy based governance model, which means that their primary role is to create policies that support the staff and other constituents of the church in fulfilling the mission of the church. They also give direction to the staff on a strategic plan for the organization.

Current members of the Parish Board are:


Chairperson: Barbara Garnis
Members: Term Expires June 2017: Beverly Heinze-Lacey, Ed Meagher, Barbara Garnis

Term Expires June 2018: John Billington, Frances McLaughlin, Julie Menin

Term Expires June 2019: Peter Francese, Lynn Kettleson, Anne Power

  Parish Clerk: Anne Katsas
  Co-Treasurers: Art Henshaw and Joe Brouillet
  Finance Committee Chair: Lark Madden
  Governance Committee Chair: Marie Murphy
Next Meeting: Second Wednesday of each month, September through June
  Parish Board Policies
  Parish Board Job Description