First Wednesdays: Prison Policy

Wednesday, November 1, 2017: First Wednesdays: Prison Policy. Lower Meeting House, 7pm. Featuring Essex County Sheriff Kevin Coppinger, recently elected to replace Sheriff Cousins. Learn about the role and contribution of prison policy and programs in the Criminal Justice Reform initiatives now being discussed on Beacon Hill and the recommendations of the Governor's Council. There are a dozen bills making their way through the state legislature to provide alternatives to incarceration, and improve the services that prepare inmates to return to their communities and become productive citizens. The cost of our keeping one adult in prison is nearly $50,000/year - the savings from shorter sentences and more programs are significant.
First Wednesday Justice Action Ministry (JAM) presents opportunities to hear from important players in our regional and national social justice issues. Criminal Justice Reform is high on the list of attention overdue. In Massachusetts we have a healthy open conversation with those serving in Criminal Justice and with our legislators on Beacon Hill.

--Sandra Thaxter, JAM