Your role in the interim period: register for a workshop

The Ministerial Transition team will be conducting the final of  three workshops to help us as a congregation create a shared, compelling vision of our future emanating from our current Vision and Mission Statements. 

Workshop 3 - April 2017

The agenda for this workshop includes:

  • Presenting the main themes that emerged from workshop series #2, including how we can address the gaps in fulfilling our mission and what are our most compelling visions of our future.  
  • Resourcing our vision – review options and their associated benefits and costs.
  • Panel discussion of two pathways to resource our vision: 1. Bricks and Mortar Investments and 2. Services and Programs (staffing) Investments.
  • Small group discussions on how best to integrate the above approaches to create the most effective pathway.

There will be two sessions of Workshop 3. You need attend only one. Each session will meet in the Lower Meeting House.

We welcome all over the age of 12 to participate; you do not have to have participated in the previous workshops. There is a limit of 40 people per session. Childcare, along with pizza and salad, will be available for the Sunday session. This last workshop concludes our ministerial transition process. This will be our most spirited discussion…scoping the financial resources, building improvements and staffing changes we need to make to achieve our vision.

Please join us and add your voice, and vision, to the FRS of the future.

If you have any questions about the interim process or would like to volunteer to help with the upcoming FRS workshops, please speak to a member of the Transition Team.