Your role in the interim period: register for a workshop

The Ministerial Transition team will be conducting a series of  three workshops to help us, as a congregation, create a shared, compelling vision of our future emanating from our current Vision and Mission Statements. During the workshops, we will explore the questions: Who are we now? Who are we called to become? What resources are necessary to live that vision?

Workshop 2 - February and March 2017

We will re-cap main themes that emerged from Workshop series #1, including discussion of how we can build upon our strengths and address identified gaps in the next few years.  There will be a presentation of trends and innovations from other congregations. The workshop will conclude with a Visioning Holistically brainstorming session as we begin to define who are we called to become as we enter our 4th century.
There will be three sessions of Workshop 2. All sessions meet in the Lower Meeting House.
We welcome all over the age of 12 to participate. There is a limit of 35 people per session. If more than 35 sign up for a session, the earliest responders will be selected.
If you have any questions about the interim process or would like to volunteer to help with the upcoming or future FRS workshops, please speak to a member of the Transition Team.
Childcare will be available for the Sunday session.