As explained in Tom Stites’ March 28 Steeple Extra, the Parish Board and Rev. Rebecca plan to lead the congregation in all-church process next year to create an updated mission and vision to guide us for the next several years.

The Mission Vision Team formed in April, gathered information on potential consultants, prepared a request-for-proposal, and distributed the RFP to five interested consultants. Members of the team are Rev. Rebecca Bryan, Kristen Fehlhaber, Art Henshaw and Karen Young from the Parish Board, and members Bill Clary, Judy Fayre, Tom Himmel (Team Coordinator), Deborah Kelsey, Tom Stites, Ray Wilson, and Bill Zambroski.

The Team is now in high gear on a fast track. We are preparing for May, to receive proposals, interview consultants, and evaluate consultants and their approaches for these important group process deliberations next year. In late May, the Team will recommend its top candidate(s) to the Parish Board. In turn, the Parish Board will deliberate and bring its recommendation to the membership at Annual Meeting, June 9, for a final decision. Once approved, we anticipate more planning to occur in the summer months for a good start in the fall, with fresh eyes for our future as a congregation.

Here is our starting point, the existing Mission and Vision Statement and the Request for Proposal (RFP) which has been sent to consultants (see here) outlining our intentions for next year.

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